What we do

Your goal is to bring your brand, and the values it stands for, to life ...To achieve this you need to create a bespoke environment to display your products and articulate your USPs ... If you want differentiation from the competition by getting your message across to your customers in way they'll never forget ... Then here at concept26, we have the tools and know-how to make your aspirations a reality.

think – create – plan – do – these are the mile-stones that define our service offering.  Our aim is to think holistically and to combine the disciplines required.  Starting with the first spark of an idea, moving on to concept development, creating an architectural statement and bespoke visual language, providing the right setting for brand and product and finishing with detail design.

The photo-realistic renderings, animated video-clips and 3D-printed models generated by our visualisation experts, dynamically bring to life both your and our ideas.

Taking end-to-end responsibility for all aspects of the project, we see creation, project management and implementation as an integrated process.  We can compile on your behalf RFP’s out-lining in detail the full scope of work and including detailed technical drawings for your use as tender document, this with a view to securing the best possible price-performance ratio.  Our project-managers co-ordinate the individual works and provide transparency at all stages in the process.  Short communication lines ensure efficient working and their experienced management of suppliers and partner companies guarantees the hand-over of your project within budget and on time. 

We can create optimized sales tools that are focused on your communications objectives and the value proposition of your offering.  These make extensive use of the latest media technology and effectively support and promote your sales effort in the course of the event. 

But it doesn't stop there. As one trade fair ends, so preparations for the next one begin. The measurement of outcomes and performance is a vital part of quantifying and qualifying your market presence. So we'll provide you with solid data that enables you to measure the return on the money you have spent– or in other words, the effectiveness of your event in relation to your investment.

Increasing market share, opening up new markets and outstripping the competition. These are the aims of all successful companies. And by helping you develop a consistent, targeted communications strategy for trade fairs, exhibitions and events, we can ensure that your aims are our aims too.

Our clients

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Some of our clients